2016 Senior Models

Class of 2016 Senior Models

WHAT’s NEXT?!?!?

The Big Reveal Party!


When: Wednesday, 4/15, 5:30 – 7 pm at the Lisa Wareham Photography studio! That way if you have practice at 6, you can still make it.

This is a come-and-go event, you don’t have to stay the whole time (but you sure can)!


Who: YOU. Bring your friends! If you bring 2+ friends, you get points (which is where you can earn cash)!

Parents are encouraged to come as well.


What to Expect: You’ll get to see everybody’s model photos for the first time, on a projector screen. This way YOU get to see them before I start putting them out in my marketing and such!

There will be finger food, just a casual environment to hang out, and the photos playing continuously.

This is NOT mandatory – but usually everyone comes!


Your model photos: You’ll each have 6-8 photos we’ll be using for marketing. These are our marketing photos, and it’s important to remember that while these images are for US to show off our style and new things like lighting and backgrounds, your SENIOR photos (this summer) will be all about YOU. The model photos won’t be the traditional head shot photos, but more creative and edgy (your senior photos will have a complete variety, from creative and edgy, to more traditional head shots that parents and grandparents love!)


During the Big Reveal Party : I’ll had you a short paper with fun questions! This is because we will be writing a blog post about each and every one of you between now and when school lets out, introducing you, what makes you unique, etc!


After the Big Reveal Party: After the party, we’ll start releasing the photos between now and the next 4-6 weeks! This way you’ll constantly have new photos to use as profile images between now and the end of May.


EXCITED to see you gals and show you your photos next week!!!




Senior Model Sessions

(schedule below)

UPDATE: Mirror Mirror is open SATURDAY not FRIDAY! I misspoke when I sent out facebook messages and emails earlier!

HAIR: you will need to do your hair before arrival, but makeup will be provided. I will email over the weekend on how to do your hair!