2016 H&M

More info on hair, makeup, and your session on 4/6/15!


About the Timing:

The time you arrive will be important. You need to arrive on time or early, so we can get you in your outfit before hair and makeup. I After your makeup is done, your 10-15 minute session will start. Makeup will be done by Tasha Rich, but it will be done at the Lisa Wareham Photography Studio.


Things you need to bring/ do:

Bring your own mascara.

Also, you need to come with a fresh face – no makeup on.

MAKE SURE your fingernails and toenails are well groomed! Either freshly paint them, or have zero paint on them (none of that half-painted from two weeks ago look!)

You can choose to bring your own foundation, OR have Tasha use her mineral foundation, which gives a really nice look, and she will match it right to your skin. I know some people don’t wear foundation or makeup normaly, but for photographs this is extremely important. The lights and reflectors and such in photography tend to wash out your face, so more makeup is needed. Ifvyou have freckles just let Tasha know you’d like your freckles to still show!

You can choose to do more natural makeup, or more extreme, like you’re going to prom, or even a bit more high fashion look.

If you do wish to bring your own foundation, then watch the instructions below. For instructions on picking a good color for your face and applying it, please watch these videos:

Finding your perfect foundation color: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNZ-snGlrMc

Applying Foundation: http://www.youtube.com/user/maybellinenewyork?v=vTbe7Ambqs0



Look your best! But, please don’t try something completely new that runs the risk of you not liking the photos – remember – these will be the photos we use everywhere in our marketing! One thing: DO add a little extra body to your hair no matter who you are (unless you already have a ton of body and thick hair). Straight, flat hair is super cute in the normal 3-dimmensional world. However, photos are 2 Dimmensional, so flat, straight hair doesn’t look so good.

Do a little bit of teasing at your scalp..but don’t end up looking like you’re out of the 80s!!! LOL. If you try this and you can’t do it and make it look good (story of my life) then we can help you out a little. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5PuzhQ2Ypc