2016 Senior Sessions

It’s that time – time to set up your senior session this summer!

In order to take advantage of your free senior session, I need you to tell me the session day/time you want by Monday, April 27th. Instructions on how to do this to follow!

**NOTE: depending on the model level you signed up for, your session either needs to be done in a June session time, or by August 15th. Please check your facebook/email to find that out!

What I need from you guys:


1. Pick your session type –

NOTE: your session is free – the listed price is what normal seniors pay.

I need both the senior model and a parent to look over the attached session guide. Remember, ANY of these sessions come free as being a part of the senior model program, but it’s up to you to decide which option is best for you so that we know how much time to schedule and if we need to schedule hair and makeup. The top session does also have a minimum investment level, where as the rest don’t (the only minimum really is where our collections start). NOTE: you can add hair and makeup to the lower sessions, the price is around $75 and you will need to make arrangements yourself, but it is included in the top session.

AT RIGHT: session types in image to right

2. Pick your session date and time.

After you have decided the session you want, pick your session date and time at the link below, then email or facebook message me your desired day/time and your session of choice to lisa@lisawareham.com. I will be updating this frequently, so it should be pretty accurate. NOTE: if you choose the top session with hair and makeup, I will need to call to confirm times with the hair and makeup artists.

***Remember – to get the complimentary Undiscovered Video, your session needs to be in June.

Schedule link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MWnE4tP61BXaWNwNwhEHPrrY56p77hytOXtKAjHdfvc/edit?usp=sharing


Things to keep in mind:

* We do require that a parent or legal guardian is at the entire photo session, since most of you are under 18, and it’s just the right way to do businesses we feel. So parents – look at your schedules and figure out if you can take a lunch break, or get off a little early/come to work a little late like you might do for a Dr. /dentist appointment.

* Jerseys/uniforms – be sure to contact coaches ASAP to see if you will be able to either (1) take a jersey home with you this summer, or (2) get your senior session scheduled when you can still have access to a jersey either at the end of May or first few days of June. For me, it is EXTREMELY important to capture the things that are part of your life and have been a huge part of your life during high school, so please don’t forget this step!


3. What’s next:

After you email me your desired session type, and session date and time, I will get a hold of you to schedule a planning session about 1-2 weeks before your session! This is where we’ll plan out the details like locations, clothings, colors, what’s going to show off your personality the best, etc!