Night Lights + The Golden Rule for Blue Eyes – Class of 2015 Sr Model Kaileigh – Butte MT Photographers

Looking gorgeous while also blowing sequence in just the right way,

at just the right angle,

without your cheeks looking like chipmunks,

while looking at the camera and trying NOT to bust out laughing because this is just so ridiculous,


it isn’t an easy thing!

But somehow Kaileigh managed to do just that.

And then after at least 10 times blowing the sequence,

I made her clean it up.

Just kidding…do you really think I would do that?

My Golden Rule:

When in doubt – add more gold to glam it up.

Golden hair, golden necklace, golden background, golden glittery sequence.

Think we like gold much?

Plus – gold is the perfect color to make blue eyes pop.

You know those makeup sets you can buy for certain eye colors? Well, for blue eys, they almost ALWAYS include some sort of shade of gold. Sometimes it’s pink with a gold tint (rose gold) and a darker brown/gold for the darker accent. But gold is a part of the key.

So Kaileigh’s blue eyes + red lip color = some serious pop to all of that gold!


What about that outfit?

Kaileigh walked into the studio with an outfit from Mirror Mirror I could have died over!

The patterned clothing + patterned necklace were offset beautifully with the single-color red tank underneath, and Tasha Hall-Rich designed the makeup with a red lip to go with the color scheme of that tank.

Think about it – what if she had a peach lip?

Or a light pink lip?

You just wouldn’t have the entire outfit, makeup and background all mix together and create a palette of colors that works in unison.

Oh, and did we mention GOLD?

I thought, why not add even more gold with corrugated gold backdrop and just go all out?


Introducing Kaileigh – Class of 2016 Lisa Wareham Photography Senior Model!

Model Name: Kaileigh Rose Shutey-Fogerty

School: Butte High School

Hometown: Butte

Nickname: Shutey

Favorite Candy: Peach rings

Favorite Drink: Mtn Dew

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Combo (your favorite social media): snap chat

Favorite Website: I really don’t have one

Dream Job: Nurse

First Crush: I can’t even remember

Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School: Getting a 4.0

Unusual Talent That I Have: I can’t move my ears.?

Favorite Place On Earth: where I’m at now

Favorite Song: I really don’t have one.

Person I Most Want To Meet: Kenny Chesney

Favorite Things In My Closet: pants

Favorite Brand: Nike

Something I Wish I Were Better At: sports

3 Things I Can’t Live Without: Phone, car, music

Something I Always Have In My Purse: lip gloss

Favorite App On My Phone: Snapchat

I Love Lisa Wareham Photography Because (Shameless Plug!): she takes amazing pictures

My Goal After High School: go to college

My Hobbies: Sports, hanging out with friends & family

Favorite Fictional Character: I don’t have one.egg

A Random Fact About Myself: I’m really weird

My Friends Would Describe Me As: outgoing, caring, funny

3 Things No One Knows About Me: I still sleep with a nightlight & I don’t know anything else. I don’t keep a lot in.

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