INTRODUCING the ostrich loving, sour gummy worm eating, easy to talk to, BETH GORDON! Class of 2016 Senior Model

Sequence spewing in my face could never be such a treat!

Well, except that it guarantees I’m picking glittery morsels of goodness from around my studio for months to come thanks to my dog Billy Bob coming in after and dragging it around everywhere.)

Thanks, Beth for your throwing enthusiasm! Your face lit up during each throw, and I was SUPER excited when you saw the sequence and told me you were HOPING I was going to tell you to throw it!

Your “I’ll do it!” attitude + enthusiasm made it easy to capture your personality!

SPECIAL thanks to Mirror Mirror Family Boutique for providing clothing for these sessions to show off the latest Spring fashion trends, and Tasha Rich of Studio 19 Esthetics for the AMAZING professional makeup!

A little bit about Beth:

Model Name: Bethany

School: Butte high school

Hometown: Butte

Nickname: Beth

Favorite Candy: Sour gummy worms

Favorite Drink: Baja blast

Your favorite social media: Snapchat

Favorite Website: Tumblr

Dream Job: Dentist

First Crush: Colton

Biggest Accomplishment in High School so far: Making the cheer squad

Unusual Talent I Have: I can cross my eyes

Favorite Place on Earth: Seattle Washington

Favorite Song: Video games by Lana Del Rey

Person I Most Want to Meet: Clay Mathews

Favorite thing in my closet: My rock revivals

Favorite Brand: Pink

Something I wish I were Better at: Golf

3 Things I Can’t Live Without: My mom, my best friend, and my phone

Something I always Have in my Purse: My license

Favorite App on my Phone: Snapchat

I Love Lisa Wareham Photography Because (Shameless Plug!): Honestly she takes beautiful photos

My Goal After High School: To be happy

My Hobbies: Dance, golf, and fishing

Favorite Fictional Character: Harry Potter

Last good book I read: The fault in our stars

When I grow up I want to be: A Dentist or hair stylist

My favorite dessert: Deep fried ice cream

What I’m Excited About for my Senior Year: I can’t wait to finally be on top of the school

A Random Fact about Me: I am a natural blonde

My Friends Would Describe me as: Very helping and easy to talk to

3 Things No One Knows About me:

1. I generally really like to read

2. I like to keep to myself

3. I have an obsession over ostriches

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