The door to nowhere + ONE crazy unusual talent – Introducing Rylee Rawson!

The sharp,

gloomy staircase,

was lit up only by the single dangling tungsten bulb from the room next to it.

At the bottom a century-old wood door barricaded the way to a once booming Butte storefront.

Open the door and it leads to nowhere,


the other side of the door now closed off when the downstairs storefront entrances were filled in.


The feet that shuffled in and out of this door when Butte was booming must have been in the thousands, tens or even hundreds of thousands.


And now this isolated door is left abandoned, with nobody to walk through.

Rylee and her outfit from Mirror Mirror worked perfectly here. The yellows and blues complimenting the shades of browns and creams in the door.


The hot, tangerine lights casting sharp shadows – chiseling Rylee’s cheekbones and lighting up her eyes. Lighting like the drama of the days past – if only this door could talk.

But doors can’t talk.


I, on the other-hand, can.

And here’s the story of one Butte High senior model that’s worth telling:

Introducing Senior Model Rylee Rawson

Model name: Rylee Rawson

School: Butte High

Hometown: Butte

Nickname: Ryles

Favorite candy: white chocolate Reese’s

Favorite drink: ice tea

Twitter, Instagram, snapchat or combo (your favorite social media): all of the above

Favorite website: Pinterest

Dream job: getting paid to travel the world

First crush: Jesse McCartney

Biggest accomplishment so far in high school: Spartan races

Unusual talent that I have: stretching my legs over my shoulders and walking on my hands

Favorite place on earth: any beach

Favorite song: Springsteen by Eric Church will always be a goody

Person I most want to meet: Angelina Jolie

Favorite things in my closet: SHOES

Favorite band: Metallica

Something I wish I were better at: sports

3 things I can’t live without: phone, boyfriend, and family/friends

Something I always have in my purse: a charger

Favorite app on my phone: Muze

I love Lisa wareham photography because: it showcases people in their natural ways you usually can’t capture

Goal after high school: live somewhere warm

My hobbies: sleeping, eating, procrastinating, working

Favorite fictional character: Wall-E

Last good book I read: Break

When I grow up I want to be: A dermatologist

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