What ever it is she’s having? I’ll take 3! – Introducing 2016 Senior Model Shawnee Hjelt

Vibrant. SPONTANEOUS. Natural.

Shawnee is one of those girls.

A girl that when you meet her for the first time,

you’re energized,

abruptly optimistic,

and are just kinda like,

“who is that girl!”


She’s the kind of person with charisma and grace,

that you start opening your normally censored mouth,

saying things you don’t normally say to people you just met.


Maybe it’s her authentic smile,

Her energy with everything she says,

Her confidence in wearing red lipstick and a red hat (because God knows, I could never pull that off),


Or maybe it’s her poise and reaction of warmth that greats everything you ask of her,

from laughable directions of twirling like a 3-year-old,

to gazing out a salvaged window

like she’s waiting for a modern-day ken doll (could you imagine the muscles on that beef cake if he were real? Minus the scrawny chicken legs, of course.).


But one thing’s for sure:

Shawnee’s just one of those girls.

And whatever it is she’s having?

I’ll take 3.


Introducing 2016 Senior Model Shawnee Hjelt!

Latest fashion trends from Mirror Mirror Boutique. Makeup by Tasha Rich of Studio 19.

Model Name: Shawnee Hjelt
School: Butte Central
Hometown: Butte, MT
Nickname: S.J, or Shawn
Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Watermelons
Favorite Drink: Arnold Palmer
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Combo (your favorite social media): Combo
Favorite Website: www.stumbleupon.com
Dream Job: Journalist
First Crush: Justin Bieber
Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School: Played varsity since freshman year in all three sports
Unusual Talent That I Have: I can operate an excavator (daddy’s girl)
Favorite Place On Earth: Seattle
Favorite Song: Move Together – James Bay
Person I Most Want To Meet: Derek Jeter
Favorite Things In My Closet: My Shoes
Favorite Brand: Nike
Something I Wish I Were Better At: Drawing
3 Things I Can’t Live Without: My blankee, ice cream, and my phone
Something I Always Have In My Purse: Chapstick
Favorite App On My Phone: Snapchat
I Love Lisa Wareham Photography Because (Shameless Plug!): Lisa is amazingly fun and creative!!!
My Goal After High School: To graduate college and be successful
My Hobbies: Camping, hanging out with family and friends, motor biking, fishing, running, and writing
Favorite Fictional Character: Olaf
The Last Good Book I Read: The Longest Ride
When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A Radiologist
My Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu
What I’m Excited About For My Senior Year: Senior trip
A Random Fact About Myself: I used to race motocross
My Friends Would Describe Me As: Outgoing and sporadic
3 Things No One Knows About Me: I still sleep with my baby blanket, I’m horrible at painting nails, and I love to read

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